Being cruelty free, for me, is doing absolutely everything I can to be educated and aware of the changing beauty industry, it is brands and their often changing cruelty free status. Being mindful, and making an effort are what matter the most in my eyes. I appreciate anyone who is making an effort to be an informed consumer.

I have four things that I look for when researching a brands cruelty free status:

1: Do they sell their product within mainland China? (Where animal testing is required by law)

2: Do they have a parent company and if so do they test on animals or own companies that do? (Because at the end of the day if you support a brand owned by a larger brand that is not cruelty free a portion of your money WILL in fact go to a company that does test)

3: Are any of the unfinished ingredients tested on animals?

4: Do they use any real animal hair for lashes, brushes, etc? (Because even if the hair is farmed “humanely” that animals is guaranteed not living the life it was meant to. Animals belong in the wild)

If a company passes all of those standards I am filled with joy knowing no animals life was uprooted for makeup. Beauty is supposed to be uplifting. No person or animal should suffer for beauty. Being cruelty free, for me, means I sleep a lot better at night knowing I’m not supporting brands that harm animals for personal, and monetary gain. It means treating every creature equally.